Golden Valley Charter School

College Unit Conversion Policy

College Unit Conversion Policy


GVCS utilizes a formula for converting college units to high school credits. The formula is as follows:


1.0 or 1.5 unit college physical education courses = 2.5 high school credits;

3-5 unit non-degree applicable (NDA) college coursework = 5 high school credits;

3-5 unit degree applicable (UC/CSU transferable) college coursework = 10 high school credits.


The assignment of high school credits in circumstances other than listed above or which require individual review will be at the discretion of the charter board or designee.


An official college transcript must be submitted to the charter school office at the conclusion of the college semester in order for the coursework to be recognized, the college units converted, and the high school credits placed on the charter school transcript. Until the college course is placed on the transcript, it will not be considered as meeting the charter school’s graduation requirements.