Course Change Policy

Student and parent initiated course change requests will be allowed as follows, per semester:


Through the end of the 6th week, a student may drop a class without it appearing on the student transcript.


Through the end of the 10th week, level changes in a subject area may be made. For example, a student taking Literature Basics will be able to change to Literature & Composition.

In all cases, students must maintain a minimum course load of 25 credits. If a dropped course results in a course load of fewer than 25 credits, the student must immediately add a course to make up the credit deficiency.


This policy is in effect in order that the GVCS transcript may accurately reflect a student’s academic achievements. Students who enter Golden Valley Charter School after the start of the school semester will be subject to the same timeline requirements described in this policy, with the weeks being calculated based on the first day of the semester.