Grades in Progress Policy

Grades in Progress Policy


Golden Valley Charter School will transfer grades and credits for high school students entering into the school at a time other than at the start of a semester under the following conditions:


  • Golden Valley receives a ‘grades in progress’ report card from the previous school.


  • No more than five (5) school days have elapsed between the time the student disenrolls from the previous school and enrolls in Golden Valley.


  • The student continues in as similar a course as reasonably offered by Golden Valley. Credits and grades for courses begun at the previous school and not reasonably offered by Golden Valley will be lost.


  • The curriculum used for the course at Golden Valley must be comparable in level and content to the course taken at the previous school.


The transference of grades and credits for students in circumstances other than as listed in this policy will be at the discretion of the charter board or designee.


Adopted: 3-6-06

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