Golden Valley Charter School

GVCS Computer Procedures

GVCS Computer Procedures 


In an effort to provide a more streamlined technology process at GVCS while continuing to provide GVCS students with appropriate, up to date technology for their educational needs, GVCS changed its computer purchasing options effective the 2016-17 school year. 


  1. GVCS issues a school-owned Chromebook to each student who wishes to have one for his/her educational use. There is no deduction from the student’s instructional funds account for this Chromebook. 
  2. Students will no longer be able to order any other computer, other than an iPad, from instructional funds, and GVCS no longer keeps used computers of other types in the library for checkout. 
  3. If a school-issued Chromebook has any working problems, the student will be issued another Chromebook in exchange at no cost to the student; however, if it is determined that the Chromebook is damaged or not working due to the fault and or negligence of the student, the parents will be responsible for paying for the repair or replacement (at GVCS’s discretion) out of their own personal funds (not instructional funds). Parents and students sign a contract agreeing to this prior to being issued a Chromebook. GVCS does not guarantee that the student will receive the same model Chromebook as the one turned in. 
  4. Students may utilize instructional funds to purchase add-on items for the school-issued Chromebook, including covers (recommended), keyboards, a mouse, external hard drive, external cd/dvd drive, and headphones. Monitors may no longer be purchased using school funds. 
  5. Students may utilize instructional funds to purchase an iPad in addition to having the school-issued Chromebook. At maximum, each student may have one iPad and one Chromebook.
  6. As determined by budget conditions each year, Chromebooks purchased by GVCS for student use may or may not be the same Chromebook purchased in prior years. 
  7. Students may petition the school to upgrade their Chromebook to a newer model once the student has used the Chromebook for a period of three years if the school has upgraded to a Chromebook that is comparably better and is issuing them to new students. 


When you receive your Chromebook, please save the box! Once you are finished with the device, you will need to return it in its original packaging.


Note: if a student is returning a computer which is under warranty, but damage has resulted due to negligence and is not covered by the warranty, the parent will be responsible for payment for repair out of their own personal funds. This will remain in effect even if the student does not want the computer back.