i-Ready® Adaptive Diagnostic Schoolwide Assessments:

i-Ready® is an online system that pinpoints individual student performance, measures growth over time, and provides targeted suggestions for instruction. i-Ready® dynamically adapts test questions based on student response patterns so that a large amount of diagnostic information is derived from a limited number of test items.
GVCS administers the i-Ready® assessment three times annually, two required and one optional.There is one required 2-week testing window in the fall and the second in the winter. The third optional window is in the late spring. All GVCS students in grades 3-11 are required to take the i-Ready® Adaptive Diagnostic assessments twice annually, one assessment in reading and one in mathematics. Completing the assessments should take a student no longer than 2-3 hours total, but the testing may be spread out in shorter increments of time over the two-week period. The purpose of the fall assessment is to pinpoint a child’s current performance level and provide a baseline from which to measure his/her academic growth in reading and math this year, and from year to year. The Student Profile Report generated from the fall assessment identifies the child’s areas of strength and academic need so a parent may customize instruction to maximize growth during the school year. The data gained from the winter assessment provide an important view of academic strengths and areas that need additional attention during the remainder of the school year. Parents receive detailed information from their EFs regarding how to access and use the i-Ready® Adaptive Diagnostic assessment system. 

i-Ready® Instructional Component:
GVCS offers optional access to the i-Ready instructional modules. Based on the results of the i-Ready® Diagnostic, students are placed into instructional lessons customized to their levels. These online lessons build conceptual understanding, providing explicit instruction in math and reading. Students practice what they’ve learned and receive encouraging, corrective feedback to reinforce understanding. They are assessed at the end of each lesson to monitor progress in an ongoing manner. The lessons are engaging and fun for learners of all levels. Students in grades K-11 may request access to the instructional components. 

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