Golden Valley Charter School

Instructional Funds Spending Policy

Instructional Funds Spending Policy


  1. Instructional fund allotment will be on a pro-rated basis per day of actual enrollment, with one half of the total funds available being released on the first day of each semester.


  1. Once 50% of the semester funds have been spent on materials and services for GVCS non-core subjects, the EF may, at his/her discretion, provide reasonable, educationally appropriate justification for allowance of spending more than 50% of the funds on non-core subjects, which include:
  • Physical Education
  • Life Skills Electives
  • Special Interests Electives that do not fall under the visual and performing arts, language other than English, nor one of the other core subjects

General School Supplies are also considered non-core.


  1. Instructional funds may be used to hire the services of a GVCS EF at the school’s current certificated hourly rate established for educational purposes as agreed upon by the parent, student, and EF.


  1. High school students will have the option of using second semester funds in advance of the second semester release of funds, as needed and if available, for the purchase of textbooks and/or online courses if all of the first semester allotment was used for the purchase of textbooks and/or online courses and if nothing appropriate is available for the student’s (temporary) use in the school library.


This policy does not apply to students in the Virtual Academy.