Internet Resources

Internet Resources

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THE BEST  The internet Public Library is a public service organization and learning, teaching environment that provides library services to internet users.  This site features study guides to novels and non-fiction.  There are also free reference guides to topics such as biology, math and physics.  Provides credible and easy to understand explanations of how the world works.  From car engines to stem cells. No topic is too big or small.  Ask any question in plain English to get answers.  It’s the most popular search engine available. Search news, images, video, maps and more!



ANATOMY  An anatomy digital health sciences library that offers fantastic images of the human body.  Offers the .com edition of Gray’s “Anatomy of the Human Body”.  This site features many pictures from the classic 1918 publication as well as a subject index.  Interactive site used to identify body parts & learn the functions of the following systems: skeletal, digestive, muscular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, reproductive and urinary.



ARCHEOLOGY   An Arizona State University site with links to museums and other resources organized by topic. /archeo    A Website that features links to sites and features of different regions.



ART HISTORY  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s timeline of art history.  From 20,000 BC to 2001 history from around the world is explored.  A site featuring extensive links to different art periods, artists and museums.  This online guide provides images of works by prominent artists from around the world.



BIOLOGY   The University of Arizona’s site with links organized by topic. A Minnesota State University – Moorhead site with Biology links organized by topic.



CENSUS  Site featuring official U.S. population numbers, by Zip Code, from the Federal Census Bureau.  It breaks information down by race and other factors.



CHEMISTRY  A particularly well designed site that began as an eighth grade science project.  It features an online, interactive Periodic Table of Elements.  A site featuring more than 7,000 links in the area of chemistry. /senese/101/index.shtml  Quizzes, glossaries and tutorials from Frostburg State University in Maryland are included.



CONVERSION TOOLS    Metric conversions of distance, weight, speed, temperature and more are included in this site.  This site features Conversions for more than 180 world currencies. 



LANGUAGES  This site translates words and phrases in 13 languages.   This site conjugates verbs in many languages.  Information on 7,000 languages is included at this wonderful site.



LITERATURE   A collection of over 18,000 books that can be downloaded here.  World literature links are included.  Study guides to hundreds of books that can be read for free are available here.



MATH  A site consisting of Algebra practice problems. /flashcards.html  This is the popular online version of flashcards.



MUSIC /music_resources  Many lists of links organized by music genre, composer and performer can be found here. /links.html  You can find many links here that are organized by era.  Thousands of CD reviews and recommendations are organized here.



PHILOSOPHY  Provides short essays on nearly 1,000 names and concepts.  Many links organized according to philosophers, eras and topics  Dictionary of names and terms.



PHYSICS  Interactive exhibits from the American Institute of Physics.  Interactive site that demonstrates physics principles behind microwave ovens, lasers and more.



POLITICAL SCIENCE  Library of Congress site includes updates on pending legislation.  Links to government sites worldwide.



PSYCHOLOGY  Glossary of basic terms is included as well as a timeline feature.  Find links to publications and resources



REFERENCE  Type a word and get a definition.   Brief entries from the Columbia Encyclopedia.  Almanac of statistics and information on politics, business, sports weather and entertainment



WORLD FACTS  The CIA’s public directory of countries includes such information as a nation’s population, government type, terrain, agriculture, health systems and more.