Golden Valley Charter School

Live Animal Policy

Live Animal Policy

Golden Valley Charter School (GVCS) recognizes that the study and care of live animals is an important component of students’ educational plans. Besides enriching students’ individualized learning experiences, the study and care of live animals emphasizes real life context-based learning and provides worthwhile learning opportunities that will stimulate the interests of each student.


Instructional funds may be used to pay for the purchase of animals for educational study under the following conditions:

The animal(s) is ordered via a certificate/coupon;

The animal(s) can be released into the wild without having an adverse effect on the ecosystem;

and the animal(s) does(do) not require long term care.


GVCS will not allow the purchase of more long-term housing and care for such animals, such as larger, glass or plastic aquariums, cages, food bowls, sand, bedding, nourishment/food for the animals, etc. Neither will GVCS provide ready-built bird feeders or birdhouses or the like.


Housing such as butterfly habitats, ant farms, and other small, basic model aquariums/”homes” designed for classroom use to observe such animals are acceptable purchases. Incubators are also acceptable purchases, but must be basic models in the lower end of the price range of available models. GVCS will not provide for the eggs for the incubators, nor will GVCS provide for the care of the hatched animals. Arrangements must be made prior to beginning an incubation project for the long term care of the hatched animals. These arrangements are the responsibility of the parent and student.


Examples of acceptable purchases (all from Gardening with Kids) –

Ladybug Land – Item #15-1212

AntWorks – Item #15-1330

Butterfly Observation Habitat – Item #15-1210

Worm Vue Wonders Kit – Item #16-1036

Grow-A-Frog Kit – Item #18-1625


Examples of unacceptable purchases (all from Gardening with Kids) –

ButterflyLab – Item #15-1144

Ladybug House – Item#15-1003

Bat House – Item #23-1002

Worm Factory – Item #16-1559

Composting Worms (1lb or 2 lb) – Items # 16-2051 and 16-2052


Animals that typically may be ordered via a certificate/coupon include:




and tadpoles/frogs.


Any additional shipping fees that may be required when redeeming the certificate/coupon for shipping and handling of the animal will not be paid for by GVCS. 


Golden Valley will evaluate approval of all purchases as necessary.


Board approved: June 9, 2008