Golden Valley Charter School

Maximum High School Credits/More than 40 Credits Attempted

Usually, high school students will take six, 5-credit courses equaling 30 credits per semester. There may occasionally be a reason for a student to take additional courses and earn more credits, such as retaking a failed course while staying on-track to graduate. If the student is attempting more than 40 credits, the student must save all of his/her work in every subject area. From that body of work, the student will compile a portfolio to turn into the school for documentation of the high number of credits. 


Additionally, the student will make an appointment at the end of the semester with his/her EF and the EF’s Advisor for evaluation of the entire body of work, review of the portfolio, and possible approval of the credits. Granting more than 40 credits is not automatic and an EF may not assure a student or parent that the student will be granted more than 40 credits until after the review meeting at the end of the semester.


The ‘more than 40’ portfolio will include 10 samples of the student’s work, from each course in which the student wishes to earn credits for that particular semester. The samples may be originals or photocopies. At least 3 of the samples for each course will need to be graded assessments, including the midterm/final. If the course is one that wouldn’t produce this many samples and/or wouldn’t produce graded, written assessments, such as PE or music, documentation of the successful completion of the hours is necessary, such as the Class Completion Check Off Sheet or some other log, with a parent signature. Art classes may pose another challenge, in terms of samples and/or assessments. Photographs or photocopies of art projects will suffice, and any written work included as a component of the art class should be included in the ‘more than 40’ portfolio.