Golden Valley Charter School

Membership/Registration Fee Guidelines

Membership/Registration Fee Guidelines


Golden Valley Charter School will pay for membership/registration fees, which are required for participation in an approved class and/or activity or as required for access to educational materials.


Under no circumstance will GVCS pay for a family membership to any institution or organization.


GVCS will not pay any fees associated with any private or public school.


Some examples of allowable membership/registration fees include:

  • Tutoring services
  • PE classes
  • Art/drama classes
  • Online courses
  • Purchase of educational materials
  • Participation in groups such as speech, debate, band, orchestra


Some examples of membership/registration fees that are not allowed include:

  • Family memberships
  • Memberships to organizations for which the school would not pay the cost of admission, including museums, etc.
  • Community college registration/health fees
  • Boundary school sport, band, lab, etc. participation fees


GVCS will evaluate approval of all memberships as to their educational appropriateness or safety risk as necessary.