Golden Valley Charter School

POs for Classes & Non-Attendance or Disenrollment

Purchase Orders for Classes and Non-Attendance or Disenrollment


When a student registers for a class and a PO is created, the vendor expects the student to attend the class, and the vendor can be assured of payment for said class unless the student cancels services according the vendor’s cancellation policy OR disenrolls from the school (see below). Students and parents should familiarize themselves with the vendor’s cancellation policy.


If a student fails to show up for the class ordered on a PO, and if the student fails to cancel his/her registration according to the vendor’s guidelines, the vendor will still receive payment for the student, if said vendor so desires. The funds will be withdrawn from the student’s instructional funding account in order to cover the costs of the class, whether or not the student attends.


In the event the student is no longer enrolled in the school, Golden Valley Charter School reserves the right to cancel a PO. If the vendor requires, GVCS will pay through the end of the month in which the student disenrolled, and then the PO will be cancelled and no further funds will be due to the vendor for said student. The Education Facilitator will call to inform the vendor that the student has disenrolled from the school, so the vendor will know that payment from the school will cease at the end of the month.