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Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROP, ROCP)

Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROP, ROCP)

Career and workforce preparation for high school students and adults, preparation for advanced training, and the upgrading of existing skills


What is ROCP?

ROCPs provide high school students 16 years of age and older, and also adult students, with valuable career and technical education so students can (1) enter the workforce with skills and competencies to be successful, (2) pursue advanced training in postsecondary educational institutions, or (3) upgrade existing skills and knowledge.


Please note that with the introduction of Career Technical Education, many ROCPs are closing or changing their names to align more closely with CTE.


Please visit for contact information on regional occupational centers and programs located in the southern region, including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties.


Kern County Regional Occupation Program

(661) 824-9313


Los Angeles County

Multiple programs available depending on location within LA county. Visit and click on Los Angeles.


Santa Barbara County ROP/CTE

Regional Occupational Program Career Technical Education for High School Students

805 937-8427


Ventura County Career Education Center