Golden Valley Charter School

Report Cards and Transcripts


Report Cards and Transcripts


TK-8 students at GVCS receive a report card at the end of each semester. This report card is representative of the work completed during the course of the semester.


High school students at GVCS receive a transcript. All courses receive letter grades and credits. Those are recorded on the transcript each semester. The transcript provided to the family at the conclusion of the semester will include all course work completed during the student’s high school years.



  1. Your EF will work with you to gather grade and credit information.
  • S/he will discuss it with you by a visit, phone, or email.
  • S/he will look at all the completed work and its quality. S/he will evaluate the work against the expectations from high school course outlines and course catalog outlines.
  • The EF consults with the parent(s), but the EF has final say in determination and awarding of grades.
  • Student grades are determined based upon the quality of the work completed. Failure to complete entirety of expected workload does not necessarily result in a lower grade; a reduced # of credits may be awarded instead of a lower grade. This is left up to the EF’s professional discretion. 
  1. Your EF will provide you with a copy of the report card/transcript at the conclusion of every semester.
  • S/he will mail/hand a hard copy of the report card/transcript and ESLR Checklist to the you OR s/he will email a digital version.

Specifics regarding high school report cards/transcripts:

  • All high school courses receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F).
  • All high school courses are awarded credits – 0-5 credits for each GVCS high school course titles.
  • If the student receives a failing grade (F) or an incomplete (I), zero (0) credits are awarded for the course.
  • Partial credits are acceptable; if partial credits are awarded, a letter grade must also be awarded.
  • If # of credits is different than anticipated, EF puts appropriate number attempted and completed on the report card; the remaining, unfinished, approved credits are listed on the student’s course selection form for the following semester, if the student will be completing the course.
  • If the student is receiving a failing grade, this must be recorded. The student may retake the course to get a higher grade, but the F will remain on the transcript.
  • If the student added a course, no credits may be given without prior approval. Make sure to request the course be added.
  • All course work must appear on the transcript as approved on the Course Selections Form, unless formally dropped or changed prior to the appropriate deadline.  


Specifics regarding TK-8 report cards

  • All TK-8 students receive a report card each semester.
  • The grading scale used in TK-8 should be agreed upon between the EF and parent at the beginning of the semester.
  • When a TK-8 student is working above or below grade level in one or more subjects, this must be noted in the comments section for the applicable subject(s) on the report card. Since our students are able to use curriculum that is not necessarily at their stated grade level, this information serves to paint a more clear picture of the student’s abilities, and provides a reader with a better understanding of exactly what the grades represent. The EF must note at what level the curriculum is that the student is using, if it differs from their stated grade level. This info will be noted as a comment under each subject area, since it may only be one or two subjects in which the level of the work differs from the grade level, and the level of work may vary from subject to subject for one student. 
  • If a student is completing Algebra 1 using a catalog-approved curriculum prior to 9th grade:
    • The EF will record this on each semester’s TK-8 report card as follows:
      • Use the course title Algebra 1.
      • The EF must award a letter grade.
      • She will include a comment noting the name and publisher of the text and how many chapters/lessons were completed, out of how many chapters/lessons are in the book.
      • It will be recorded on the high school transcript (for no high school credits) when the student completes the entire Algebra 1 course.
      • Since the Algebra 1 course is recorded on the TK-8 report card, the EF will not automatically provide a copy of the transcript to the family. The family will only receive the TK-8 report card.
  • In the case of an 8th grader approved to take a high school level course or courses:
    • Any approved high school course work must be recorded on a high school report card. TK-8 work will appear on the TK-8 card; high school course titles, letter grades and credits will appear on the high school report card, and therefore, on the transcript.
    • The high school course will not be included on the TK-8 report card. (Except in the case of recording the completion of Algebra 1 prior to 9th grade; Algebra 1 will appear on both the TK-8 report card and the high school transcript.)
    • The EF will provide copies of both the TK-8 card and high school transcript to the family.


NOTE:  Students enrolled for one calendar month or more must get a report card. Students enrolled for less than a month may receive a report card upon parent/student request and/or if the EF deems it appropriate, e.g. in the case where a HS student has completed enough work to earn some credits.