Golden Valley Charter School

Student Study Team



The Student Study Team (SST) provides a venue for parents, teachers, key school personnel, and other interested persons to systematically review and make suggestions about student performance. Although students in a homeschooling/independent study setting already have an individually designed learning program to meet their unique learning styles, there are occasions when concerns arise about their:

  • Academic progress
  • Social/Emotional development
  • Physical limitations, or
  • Behavioral history

When the Education Facilitator, after consultation with her Advisor, and parents are unable to provide modifications to help remedy concerns, a referral to SST may be initiated by completing the required forms located on school’s website. Students should be referred to SST only when their needs interfere with school performance and their needs cannot be met through modifications within the homeschool setting. If you need assistance in providing parents with curriculum modifications or strategies, contact the special education department at 619-562-7328, your Advisor, or the Director of Education.

Federal and State regulations require that general education exhaust all their resources and services before the SST refers a student for special education testing. Objective and complete data provided at the time of the initial referral enables the team to make specific recommendations for each student. Providing samples of student work assists in documenting academic concerns.

Once a STT referral is received, a follow-up questionnaire is forwarded to the parent, since they serve as the primary educator in our charter school. Once returned, the SST meeting is scheduled. The EF must attend the SST meeting because their input about the student is invaluable. At the initial SST meeting, members are assigned responsibilities for, or given strategies to implement with the student. The EF is responsible for monitoring the curriculum strategies suggested at the SST meeting, and this is considered a portion of their job description. A follow-up date is initiated before the close of the SST meeting to review the progress of the proposed strategies. In most cases, sufficient progress is noted at the follow-up meeting, and more restrictive interventions are not warranted

With your assistance, the SST can create an environment conducive to student learning!