Welcome to Golden Valley Charter School

At a glance, GVCS:

  • is a standards-based, personalized learning public school of choice.
  • is available at no cost to any TK-12 student living in Ventura, Los Angeles, Kern, and Santa Barbara counties.
  • partners with parents to provide the optimal educational program for each student.

Welcome to Golden Valley Charter School!

Let us introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into how our program works and what we have to offer.

    GVCS is a personalized learning, non-classroom based public charter school where the parent or guardian takes responsibility for the education of the student and acts as the day-to-day teacher for the student. An Education Facilitator (EF) is assigned to each student. The EF is a fully credentialed teacher, and they oversee the general educational program of the student.

    The EF assists the parent/guardian with learning plans and documentation of the student’s work, as well as selecting and securing appropriate curriculum, materials, and services.

    Each student is allotted a certain amount of funding to provide curriculum and materials for his/her use while enrolled in the school.

    If it is deemed appropriate, the funding may be used to provide services, such as tutoring or classes, from approved vendors in the community.

    The EF tracks the student’s funding and places all orders, checking items out to the student and gathering them back when the student is finished with them.

    GVCS requires an in-person, face-to-face meeting between the parent, student, and EF at least once every 20 school days where the student’s work is carefully reviewed and discussed, necessary documentation and paperwork is collected, and plans are made for the next 20-day period.

    As a public school, the content of each student’s educational program is guided by the Common Core and state standards, however, GVCS allows for wide differences in student learning styles, abilities, and interests that are difficult to accommodate in a traditional classroom school setting. Unlike a traditional public school, parents tailor the learning environment and instructional delivery methods to the individual needs of their children. Because of our school’s unique system, a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum is not mandated, and parents remain the authority on anything affecting their children’s attitudes, values, and beliefs.

    Thank you for your interest in our school, and we look forward to working with you to meet your child’s educational needs!