Golden Valley Charter School

Work Permits


Work Permit Procedure

All minors age 12 through 17 must have a “Permit to Employ and Work” on file with the employer during the term of the employment. 

GVCS students desiring a work permit must follow the below procedure to obtain a work permit. This does not include an entertainment work permit (see below).

  1. Once an offer for employment has been secured, a Request for Work Permit and Statement of Intent to Employ Minor form(form B1-1) must be completed. This form may be accessed from the link above.
  2. Fill out the B1-1 form and have the employer sign it.
  3. Return the B1-1 form to the GVCS office.  After approval from GVCS, the student will be issued a work permit, which will be valid for the current school year.


  • GVCS will revoke the work permit if it is determined by the EF that the schoolwork or health of the student is impaired by employment.


  • Permits issued during the school year expire five days after the opening of the next succeeding school year and must be renewed [EC 49118].


  • GVCS may restrict working hours to fewer than the maximum allowed by law. Minors work with the permission of school authorities, and no law requires school authorities to issue a permit for the maximum hours allowed by law.


Entertainment Work Permit

  • The permit can be obtained by an online application process, by mail or in person.
  • To complete the application online, click the link to the Entertainment Work Permit site.
  • To complete the process by mail or in person, print and complete the Application for Permission to Work in the Entertainment Industry.
  • The minor’s parent or legal guardian must complete all of the requested information on the application, and print and sign her or his name.
  • If the minor is of school age (first grade and above), an authorized school official must complete the “School Record” portion of the application, sign his or her name and print his or her title or position, and affix the school’s seal or stamp.  
  • The completed application with original signatures and the school’s seal or stamp affixed thereto must either be mailed or presented in person to any Division of Labor Standards Enforcement office for issuance of the minor’s entertainment work permit. Faxed copies cannot be accepted.