We are continually monitoring the pandemic crisis and re-opening allowances. Ventura County is currently in the red tier, with Los Angeles remaining in the purple tier. As of this date, October 15, 2020, we are not yet cleared by the state and county public health departments to open non-essential in-person services. Once schools have received clearance to open, we will issue criteria for our GVCS vendors to resume in-person services as well as to re-open our school library and resume in-person visits with your EF.

We are eager to resume in-person gatherings and meetings upon approval from state and local health departments. We appreciate your patience, and we will be updating families and staff as any changes occur. 


About Us

Welcome to Golden Valley Charter School! GVCS is a public, non classroom-based program, focused on personalized learning for students in grades TK-12. We make personal choice in education a priority in our charter school. GVCS is a Personalized Learning School, offering an educational model that is tailored to the needs of each individual student. We offer students a wide range of innovative and individualized instructional choices.

Granted by:

Mesa Union School District


GVCS serves students who reside in Ventura, Kern, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.


Parent Satisfaction!


of parents agree that they are happy with the overall service they receive from their EF


of parents agree that they are satisfied with the curriculum provided for their children


of parents agree that they are satisfied with the school’s administration and with the responsiveness of the school’s support staff


of parents agree that they are satisfied with the academic standards for students


of parents agree that they are satisfied with the school’s success in achieving the mission of its Charter

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GVCS students are required to take all currently state- and school-mandated assessments.

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Our library has a large amount of consumable and non-consumable curricula, and novels available 

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For general information regarding current and prospective vendors, please contact us today!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are free independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs and unique educational approaches. In exchange for operational freedom and flexibility, charter schools are subject to higher levels of accountability than traditional public schools. Charter schools, which are tuition-free and open to all students, offer quality and choice in the public education system.

What grades does GVCS serve?

GVCS serves students in grades TK-12.

What counties does GVCS serve?

GVCS serves students in Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern, and Santa Barbara Counties.

Does it cost anything to attend GVCS?

There is no cost to families to attend GVCS.

How does instructional funding work?

GVCS provides instructional funds to help assist with the purchase of curriculum and educational activities from our approved vendor list. Funding varies from year to year per grade. Half of the funding is released in the 1st semester and the other half in the 2nd semester. Funding for the 2019-20 school year ranges from $1350.00 per semester in transitional kindergarten, to $1600.00 per semester in high school. Your EF will manage these funds and will approve all purchases you’d like to make.

Is GVCS accredited?

GVCS is fully accredited, grades TK-12, by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Contact Us

Contact Us

3585 Maple Street, Suite 101, Ventura, California 93003